Yeast and Dairy Free Salad Dressing?

Currently following a strict yeast, gluten, dairy and sugar free diet (yep the eatin’s pretty slim right now).

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  • jen kalb Jun 25, 2021

    dont quite get the unfiltered apple cider vinegar only – unless you are buying a product that represents no yeast is present, cider vinegar will have it like any other type, I think.
    why not try using lemon juice to make your dressing or a mix of citrus? greek salad, dressed with garlicy oil-lemon mixed with a ton or oregano, pasley and dill is great.

    • goodhealthgourmet Jun 25, 2021

      herbs & spices are your best friends in this situation – you can make a zillion different rubs for meat & fish. you can also certainly make ceviche.

      for the salad dressing, try whisking tahini with a little sesame or olive oil, lemon juice, cayenne, ginger, garlic & a pinch of salt…you can also add cumin and/or pimenton for a little smokiness.

      • Caroline1 Jun 25, 2021

        You can make a really decent “vinaigrette” by using lemon or lime or even orange or tangerine juice instead of the vinegar. First put some olive oil in a bowl, then add salt, pepper, I add dry powdered mustard, and I LOVE dill weed, so I put in some of that. Whisk it to mix the flavor into the oil (oil carries flavor best), then whisk in some citrus juice. `Depending on the type of citrus you’re using, you might want to dilute it with some water. I use about half and half with lemons, about 2/3 lime juice to 1/3 water, but for orange or tangerine juice I use those straight. If you have a zester or a fine grater, a little citrus peel can add some zing too. Taste the dressing by dipping a piece of torn lettuce into it to see if it’s good. Dressing tastes quite different when eaten with a bit of lettuce instead of dipping a finger and licking your finger. If you have a sugar substitute you can use such as Splenda, you might want to use a light touch. I always add a pinch of salt to my sweet things and a bit of sugar to my savory things for umame’s sake! If you have other spices you love, give them a whirl. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can mix a really small portion of dressing for a test run. Who knows what wonders you may come up with! Have fun and good luck with the diet. Your imagination can add excitement to it, so don’t hold back!

        • Emme Jun 26, 2021

          i can’t have yeast, gluten, dairy, or coconut… so i tend to mix my favorite veggie broth (O Organics brand), Bragg’s, and onion powder as a starting point… can add lemon, herbs, etc. but that basic starter for me is toothsome and savory 🙂 as is my preference.

          • Val Jun 26, 2021

            Yep, fresh herbs will really help you here as others have said…here’s a Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette that you might try…we loved it!


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