Where can I find really good PEANUT BUTTER ICE CREAM?

Anywhere in the 213, 626, 818 or 310 area.

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  • carter Sep 22, 2021

    I saw some in Surfas in Culver City yesterday. Freezer wall to the left as you enter the store, maybe 2nd or 3rd door.

    • Tari Sep 23, 2021

      I wanna know too! I love Peanut butter ice cream and shakes.

      • silleehillee Sep 23, 2021

        I don’t know how good this is compared to others, but if you’re looking for a peanut butter ice cream at odd hours, Ben and Jerry’s makes one with peanut butter cups. I found it at a Ralph’s in Torrance, I think…

        • cvc Sep 23, 2021

          And Cold Stone Creamery will add Reese’s to its sweet cream ice cream.

          • jackattack Sep 23, 2021

            Haven’t found any on the west coast except for Maggie Moo’s which is waxy-tasting and dreadful. Bert n’ Rocky’s in Upland and Claremont has some flavors, once in a while, with a peanut butter base. Ralph’s sells a cheap store-brand ice cream called Deluxe and their Butterfinger ice Cream made into a milkshake will quench a craving for PB Ice Cream.

            Best to just fold some peanut butter into your favorite vanilla ice cream, probably. Or head to Connal’s Burgers in Pasadena for a Peanut Butter (or PB and Banana) shake. Yummy.

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