What does fresh turmeric root look like?

Does it look basically like ginger root, but with a more orange tinge to it? I was up at the Asian market today, and I saw 2 different kinds of roots. One was galanga, and it was pretty recognizable by the rings or layers I could see on the root. Another looked very much like ginger, but perhaps not quite as brown–but was not labelled.

And what’s the best way of keeping the stuff around? With ginger, when I don’t use all that I’ve bought, I drop the leftover in a jar of sherry I keep around, and periodically use the ginger from the sherry jar. Any drawbacks to doing that with turmeric?

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  • Peg Nov 3, 2021

    If it looked like ginger it was probably sime kind of ordinary galangal. Turmeric is thin like lesser galangal.
    Turneric has a matte tan outer layer then a, well, turmeric coloured inner part. The roots are about 7mm thick.

    • Ruth Lafler Nov 3, 2021

      Yes. It looks like a thinner, less knobby version of ginger, with the same thin golden brown skin but with orange flesh underneath.

        • Howard_2 Nov 4, 2021

          Thank you, Ruth, Peg, and Hanna for the info.

          BTW, my interest in turmeric was sparked by reading some scientific reports that it’s good for your health.

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