What Are Your Favorite BBQ/Potluck/Outdoor Party Dishes?

We’re having our annual backyard bbq picnic blowout and I’m looking for new suggestions about dishes to prepare. I always make the same assortment of tabouleh, pasta, and potato salads, but I’m craving new and fresh ideas for this year’s extra special celebration (we’re celebrating our recent engagement as well!). Any yummy drink suggestions are also welcomed. We do not have any dietary restrictions.

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  • CeeBee Jul 8, 2021

    We had a bbq planned a couple of weeks ago that got rained out, but the food was already halfway prepared so we moved the party inside. the two things that went over well were sangria and grilled veggies. we marinated the veggies in balsamic, oil, basil and shallots and then served them in pita bread with goat cheese. they were SO good.
    congrats on the engagement!

    • Davwud Jul 8, 2021

      Caprese salad.
      Fennel salad. (Sliced fennel and red onion served with a raspberry vinaigrette. Garnish with some caraway seeds too)


      • judybird Jul 8, 2021

        The NY Times a couple of weeks ago had a recipe for a barley and corn salad. I didn’t have barley, so used spelt – cook till done, add corn (frozen, fresh or TJ’s canned), mix with a light vinaigrette. I added sliced green onions, sliced cherry tomatoes, minced shallots and a chiffonade of fresh basil. I think just about anything that adds a little crunch would work jsut fine. I also added a few dashes of Cholula because my husband likes things spicy.

        I’ve made this twice now – once just for us, the 2nd time I brought a batch to a potluck BBQ and it was the only dish with nothing left over. One batch – 2 cups spelt, 1 can of corn – serves about 8-10 easily.

      • jfood Jul 8, 2021

        I love a tomato salad with red onion, a light balsamic, garlic, S&P and fresh basil. let it marinade for a couple of house and have some great bread for the other dishes.

        • hoagy294 Jul 8, 2021

          Mixed antipasto from epicurious:

          • RichK Jul 8, 2021

            marinated brisket of beef slow cooked for about 4 hours and served at room temp along with bavarian potato salad also at room temp. Add some tabuli and oriental sesame wheat pasta and you have the perfect things for a bbq or potluck dinner.

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