Tips on using cookie cutters, please!

I’ve made tons and tons of cookies, but I’ve never before ventured into the realm of cookie cutters, so I thought I’d solicit my fellow ChowHounders for some advice before I make my maiden voyage. I have cookie recipes that I love and plan to use, but am wondering if you have any tips on things such as thickness of dough, specific types of cookie cutters, etc. that I should know about. Ideally, I’d like to make:

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  • SanseiDesigns Dec 13, 2021

    Don’t roll the dough too thin – it will be a brittle cookie and increase the probability of breakage.

    • Chocolatechipkt Dec 13, 2021

      If you refrigerate the cut-out cookies before you bake them, the edges will be sharper. I’ve chilled them anywhere from 10 to 30 min. and it has helped.

      • coll Dec 13, 2021

        If you want to make lots of cookies to give out, make sure to get some small size cookie cutters, you can also use them to cut out shaped sandwiches for appetizers throughout the year.

        • bolivianita Dec 13, 2021

          Sometimes the dough will stick to the cutters. An easy solution is to keep a little dish of flour next to you and dip your cutter in the flour occasionally.

          • babette feasts Dec 13, 2021

            Chocolate chips are hard to cut through, so the mini chips would be less of a problem when cutting.

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