Sushi rice brands

I’ve been making sushi for decades. (I apprenticed to a Japanese chef.)

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  • mochi mochi Jan 3, 2021

    My mom always wants “New Crop” of almost any brand. She says it does make a difference. I have no idea…Have you tried Tamaki?

    • Joebob Jan 3, 2021

      About the most expensive rice here on Oahu, where people are VERY picky about rice, is Koshihikari Premium.

      • Sam D. Jan 3, 2021

        Nishiki is the brand I use for sushi. It is described on the bag as medium grain rice. It works just fine for me. I believe Calrose is a specific variety of rice rather than a brand.

        • Richard 16 Jan 5, 2021

          Based on joebob’s recommendation along with one from a chef on another site I’m going to try the Koshi–Hikari!

          (Here’s the other site:…


          Thank you all!

          • Caroline1 Jan 5, 2021

            Lately I’ve started using “Select Kagayaki,” a California premium short grain rice for sushi. Well, I use it for just plain boiled rice too. It is polished with a new process that doesn’t use water, and one result is a very low residue in the finished product. The rinse time to get the water to run clear is incredibly fast compared to other sushi grade rices I have used in the past. Hey, call me a conservationist if you will, but the truth is I just get tired of standing at the sink rinsing and rinsing and rinsing rice!

            Oh, yeah… terrific flavor too!

            Here’s more info:

            • Joebob Jan 5, 2021

              Rinsing is made easier if the bag says NO TALC.

              • another_adam Jan 19, 2021

                I find this interesting, because I’ve been finding that the kagayaki takes way *more* time to wash! I feel like I’m washing and washing and washing until finally it’s kind of almost OK. The flavor is OK but it seems become soft quite easily. I’ve been tossing in a small handful of mochi rice together with each batch to help balance out the texture.

                For now, I’m going back to tamaki gold, which seems to be a bit firmer/sturdier. (I also like the tamaki haiga rice, but I don’t think I’d use it for sushi)

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