Seasoning for roast sweet potato wedges?

Finally, I tried a recipe from an old issue of Cooking Light magazine for roasted sweet potato wedges. We loved them and loved using the same seasoning with 1/2″ wedges of butternut squash. The seasoning was an unusual combination: cumin, salt, pepper, ground cloves, olive oil. I actually thought it was a little too spicy but I’ll roast sweet potatoes/squash again. What I would like, however, is something my elderly FIL and 2 YO granddaughter would like. Neither likes very spicy food. What seasonings do you use?

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  • ginqueen Jan 15, 2021

    sage, thyme, rosemary, or some combination of the three go very well with roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash, with a little nutmeg. also you can put whole smashed garlic cloves in the mix–they will roast alongside the potatoes and give a mellow, sweet-ish garlicky taste.
    i sometimes also add a tiny bit of maple syrup with the olive oil to coat the slices as well (i am from new england so i put maple syrup in pretty much everything) which really brings out the sweetness without becoming too too sweet.
    also, if you are making the sweet potatoes, you could just toss them with lots of sea salt and black pepper. well-salted sweet potato wedges are simple and yummy on their own without any seasoning. i wouldn’t recommend that for butternut squash though–squash usually seems to need a little help, in my opinion.

    • hotoynoodle Jan 15, 2021

      clove is very strong, and i’m not a big fan of it on vegetables.

      you can toss the pieces with pineapple or orange juice. i sometimes make a big dish of sweet potatoes, white potatoes and carrots roasted that way. i put chili powder on there too, though!

      • Kagey Jan 15, 2021

        You can really do what you like with these and experiment.

        Jamie Oliver has a delicious recipe for roast butternut squash wedges in his first Naked Chef book. I think it would work well for sweet potato too. It calls for garlic, coriander seed, salt, dried chili, fennel seed, and oregano. You can leave out the chili if you want it less spicy.

        • oakjoan Jan 17, 2021

          I’ve posted this recipe several times. It’s one of my very favorites. We have this all the time.

          I like the roasted sweet potato recipe I got from the Border Grill Cookbook – I changed it a bit.

          Roast sweet potatoes, slit open, squeeze lime juice into the cut, add s/p and top with yoghurt. They also add butter and honey, but I find the sweet potatoes are sweet and rich enough as is. It’s really delicious.

        • pralinepatty Jan 15, 2021

          I love spicy foods, but i think that any seasoning on sweet potatoes is gross. I loved baked sweet potatoes with a little butter and salt or sauteed or baked sweet potato slices. I hate sweet potatoes with seasoning ever since i was in the hospital last year for three weeks, very ill, and seasoned mashed sweet potatoes were on nearly every meal, good at first, but finally really nauseating, cannot yet eat sweet potatoes.

          I think any kind of squash tastes really good with no seasoning other than a little butter and salt or grape seed oil, love them, i like to use grape seed oil instead of olive oil sometimes to toss veg slices for baking for a lighter flavor.

          • IndyGirl Jan 15, 2021

            cayenne/cumin/sea salt

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