Rice Cooker – NOT non-stick?

i’m looking for a rice cooker without a non stick coating. Does anyone know of a brand that’s available in toronto?

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  • anna Sep 20, 2021

    I love my Zojirushi. I don’t know where it would be available in Toronto. Here’s a link to what it looks like.

    • Sparkle Fontaine Feb 5, 2021

      >It said it’s non-stick in the description, but it really isn’t.

      Maybe you mean your rice sticks? But Zojirushi customer service told me they use a nonstick coating called sumiflon on their rice pans. Sumiflon is a PTFE/Teflon type coating, so if you don’t want to cook with that you have to find another brand. It’s too bad, people love their Zojirushis.

      • Maverick8901 Feb 11, 2021

        It does have a non-stick surface. I have it. I wish I could find one that didn’t have a non-stick surface…sigh…

      • sweetie Sep 20, 2021

        Are you ever near Markham. Pacific Mall has several houseware stores some of which carry Zojirushi. If that doesn’t work then try Market village right next door (one houseware store). If none of those are suitable maybe you could try the Peach Tree plaza at HWY 7 and Kennedy, there are two houseware stores there. And I think there is a place near Kensington market called Fortunes that sells all kinds of things asian houseware included.

        • mochimunchie Sep 20, 2021

          Here is one with a stainless steel insert you can get by mail order.


          • Pupster Sep 20, 2021

            Before Zojirushi began their assault on the rice cooker market with their non-stick plastic insert rice cooker, National used to be the go-to rice cooker brand of choice. It has a metal (aluminum) insert that gives you a nice crispy bottom, which as a noonungjin (crispy browned rice) lover I prefer. I still have one from almost 20 years ago, still going strong. I believe the Nationals are now re-branded to Panasonic, but they are hard to find these days. Good luck.

            • JRCann Feb 7, 2021

              I too have a National with an alumium anodized pan… I love it.. over 20 years old and I have not seen one simular for a long time.

            • BLM Jan 10, 2021

              Is NOT non-stick better than a non-stick pan? Or it depends on the brand? We looking into getting a new basic model. Regularly make chinese rice, & we have had problems with rice sticking at the bottom of several basic rice cookers we have had over the years. The one we had years ago, the rice didn’t stick at the beginning, but after about two years of regular use, started sticking. For basic rice cookers, are Zojirushi, Tiger, Pansonic/National & Sanyo brands the best on the market?

              • happy_c Feb 18, 2021

                Don’t know about the brands, but I have the same problem with my old (10 years) Panasonic. The nonstick coating has mostly peeled off. Fortunately, there’s a work-around I use until I can afford a nice new programmable rice cooker (that will have hot fluffy rice waiting for me at dinnertime): After the rice is done, turn off the “keep warm” function (I have to unplug it) and wait about 10 minutes before opening the lid. This seems to significantly reduce sticking.

                If you WANT sticking and a crispy brown bottom, you can always use your non-stick for a couple of years until the coating peels off :). Or leave it on “keep warm” for 12 hours, like I did once. I damn near had to scrape the rice out with a chisel that time.

                • JRCann Feb 18, 2021

                  Happy, if you left in on for 12hrs and had to chisel the rice out, I think that could explain why the non-stick peel off. As an aside, National is Panasonic.

                  • happy_c Feb 18, 2021

                    Yeah, I think that might have had something to do with it.

                    I didn’t want to soak to get it off because I would’ve missed being able to eat all that lovely crunchy browned rice.

                  • KaimukiMan Feb 18, 2021

                    just fill it with water and let it soak for another 12 hours. most of it will come out. and yes, a little rice does stick at the bottom. Good grief, its not like its hard to get it out, all it needs is about 15 minutes of soapy water soaking it.

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