recipes using rice krispies…

hi i have some rice krispies cereal left over but don’t feel like making rice krispies treat or peanut butter chocolate bars… looking for something new using the cereal..please help thanks!!

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  • Aaron Jan 30, 2021

    You can use rice krispies to make a crust. It’s pretty good, and something different. The link is for a recipe of this type that is pretty good.

    • doctor_mama Jan 31, 2021

      Have you made this? I’m always looking for good gluten-free desserts and this looks like a good one. Thanks!

    • Nancy Berry Jan 30, 2021

      Go to the link below and type Rice Krispies in the “Search by Keyword” window. You’ll find lots and lots of recipes that use Rice Krispies.


      • loveskittles Jan 30, 2021

        I looked at the recipes at the Kelloggs web site and my family has been making something very similar to the first cheese wafer recipe for years. It is definitely a family favorite.

        • toodie jane Jan 31, 2021

          they’re nice as a stir-in to vaniila ice cream!
          (same goes for Cheerios)

          • Timowitz Feb 1, 2021

            Pierre Herme has some recipes that use Rice Krispies in his dessert cookbooks. Definitely in the Chocolate Desserts book. I’m not sure about his other book. I’d recommend that you look for them at a library … they’re big coffee table style cookbooks.

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