Ponzu Sauce from scratch


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  • wattacetti Aug 26, 2021

    Well, do you have access to fresh yuzu and high-quality mirin, kombu, katsuobushi and rice vinegar? Those would be your starting points. After that, it depends on the ratios that you like and how disciplined/talented you are at making the katsuodashi base (strong suggestion: don’t skimp on the katsuobushi).

    • pauliface Aug 26, 2021

      I’ve gotten a good source for yuzu juice and much better at making dashi since I last tried.
      That can help.

      It’s not ponzu shoyu I’m after, it’s just plain delicious ponzu sauce…

    • cowboyardee Aug 26, 2021

      What recipes have you tried and what was your problem with the end results? It’s difficult to figure out exactly what your problems have been thus far from your post.

      As a basic recipe, I like Tsuji’s from ‘Japanese Cooking; A Simple Art.’ His recipe involves letting the sauce mature for 3 months, so your issue could be just that you like fully aged ponzu and your recipes are for last minute preparations.

      1 cup lemon juice (I mix 50/50 lemon lime)
      1/3 cup plus 2 Tbsp rice vinegar
      1 cup soy sauce
      2 Tbsp tamari sauce
      3 Tbsp mirin, alcohol burned off
      Small handful of dried bonito flakes
      2 inch square konbu

      Mix ingredients, set aside, strain after at least 24 hours, then age in cool dark place for 3 months. Use within 1 year.

      • pauliface Aug 26, 2021

        Interesting, I have not run into recipes that tell you to let it sit. That may help.
        I assume I should substitute yuzu for lemon juice if possible though?

        • cowboyardee Aug 26, 2021

          mr Tsuji actually specifies the sudachi as opposed to the yuzu. I myself have only tried the recipe with a lemon lime mixture. Yuzu of course is found in many ponzu recipes, so I assume you would be fine using it here, but i can’t say i’ve tried it.

          • pauliface Aug 27, 2021

            Great! I will try this one.

      • jameshig Aug 26, 2021

        One of the restaurants I used to cook at we used to make ponzu as follows:

        Soy sauce
        green onions
        lemon juice/lime juice

        Bring all of it to a boil and add a slurry to bring it up to nape and promptly shut it off. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and serve.

        • pauliface Aug 27, 2021

          Any suggestions for amounts/ratios of ingredients?

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