Oil Splatter when frying

Any suggestions on how to cut down on the amount of oil splatter when pan frying/searing meat? I guess one of those mesh covers are the way to go but I’m wondering if there is anything else I could do.

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  • ESNY Sep 14, 2021

    Your guess is right. Mesh cover. No other option, unless you want to use a deep pot to try to keep the splatter inside the pan.

    • mels Sep 14, 2021

      ESNY is spot on. Mesh cover or fry in a deeper pot. I like to use my big 9 qt. dutch oven to fry. It leaves plenty of head room so the splattering oil hits the inside of the pot, not my stove, my arm…

    • cassoulady Sep 14, 2021

      These mesh pot lids arent that easy to find but I recently got a pack with three lids in different sizes at Target. I finally replaced my old one that was falling apart.

      • Breezychow Sep 14, 2021

        Mesh covers are the way to go. I have two – both of which I purchased very economically off of Amazon (partially by accident). I’d ordered a large one, which is very difficult to find in stores around here, but the vendor sent me a small one by mistake. When notified, vendor told me to just keep the small one, & sent me the large one I’d ordered. So I ended up with 2 for the price of one. Regardless, both do what they’re supposed to do, & I really can’t see any other solution to your problem other than mesh covers.

        • Hank Hanover Sep 14, 2021

          You need a splatter guard (mesh cover liked the others have described).

          Here is a link to one that won a Cook’s Illustrated equipment review.


          • ios94 Sep 14, 2021

            Thanks for the responses, I figured the mesh was the only solution. I’m assuming the type of oil one uses doesn’t make a difference. Gas definitely creates more splatter than electric.

            • ygrt93 Aug 8, 2021

              Gas doesn’t create more splatter, the splatter is cause by the heat of the pan, not the means the heat is given to the pan. However, gas cook-tops heat more of the pan (since the heat from the burner is in contact with both the base and sides of the pan).

          • c oliver Sep 16, 2021

            If you’re searing meat, you don’t need to add any oil to the pan. And you don’t need to oil the meat. Last night I did a steak and tonight a pork tenderloin. Got the cast iron skillet really, really hot. Put the meat in, seared deeply on both sides, then into a 425-450 oven. Perfect. Thanks again, jfood and others.

            • walker Sep 16, 2021

              So, afterward, you clean the cast iron with really hot water, nothing else, right? Then dry right away?

              • c oliver Sep 16, 2021

                Yep. We got an induction cooktop about six months ago. I put the skillet on there, turn it on HI. It takes literally seconds to heat up. I add a little oil, brush it around with a paper towel and turn the heat off. It sits to cool off and it’s ready to go. I’ve become rather fond of CI 🙂

                • Breadcrumbs Sep 16, 2021

                  I LOVE this suggestion. I have an induction burner and will give this a shot over the weekend. ios94, good for you for posting this question. I’ve been cooking forever and never thought just to draw a line in the sand and say…enough already! Thanks for asking the question.

                  • ios94 Sep 17, 2021

                    Thanks Crumbs, I’ve been cooking for a long time too but I know there are a ton of techniques I don’t know, that’s why I enjoy this site. Good stuff Oliver, I guess I have been doing it wrong by adding oil when searing (I guess it’s not searing if you add oil). I’d sear a pork tenderloin with a little bit of oil and then transfer it to another dish (to avoid the oil splatter in the oven) and into the oven. Coincidentally pork tenderloin is planned for tonight so I will sear it without oil. I’ve actually made the best burgers using this method, fry them with a bit of oil on med-high heat for exactly 2 mins per side, transfer them to pyrex plate and into the oven for about 8-10 mins for med-medium rare, so juicy. Oliver how long do you sear the pork tenderloin for and then how long and what temp in the oven? Also, when you stick it in the oven do you put it on broil?

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