Non-Dairy Cream Substitute

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  • cassiatoast May 31, 2021

    Unfortunately there’s no great substitute for real cream. Even the powdered “non-dairy” substitutes often contain milk proteins. I’m dairy-free myself, and I do enjoy the Silk (soy) coffee creamer in my coffee, but it is sweet and would probably lend an off flavor to your dish.

    • JudiAU May 31, 2021

      I am afraid it is simply a bad idea. Non-dairy cream substitute will not work like cream. You can work around small amounts in other applications but nothing takes the place of cream when it is the star. Choose another dish to serve.

      • paprkutr May 31, 2021

        Try Mocha Mix, I use it all the time as a substitute for milk or cream.

        • unpoedic Jan 22, 2021

          I’ve never heard of Mocha Mix prior to now. I’m curious where you purchase it — I’m in the upper Midwest, specifically Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and have had no luck in pinpointing a carrying retailer via Google.

        • Mellicita Jun 1, 2021

          You know how silken tofu can be used to puree into “pudding” or put in milkshakes. Do you think it could be pureed and used as the base of your cream sauce?

          • Bzdhkap Jun 1, 2021

            In the New York area Rich’s brand “Coffee Rich” liquid non-dairy creamer is available in some supermarkets, in the freezer section. I can’t vouch for how it would work in your sauce, though I think it might.

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