Mixed congee in a can?

I’m a big fan of various Asian congee found in most restaurants in the GTA. Anyway, I recently visited an Asian supermarket and found some “mixed congee” in a can. I picked up a few cans and will sample them soon. However, I noticed the English writing on the can don’t have instructions or mention whether it is suppose to be eaten hot or cold. I’ve never had cold congee before and don’t know whether it is common or a norm. Anyone know? The 2 name brands are from Taiwan. TAISUN and FAMOUS HOUSE.

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  • jadec Nov 4, 2021

    I could be wrong but I think these are sweet congees ie desserts. I don’t eat these so have no insight into hot or cold.

    • SomeRandomIdiot Nov 4, 2021

      Is that the sweet dessert style stuff, 8 treasures congee or something similar to that? I think you’re supposed to eat it chilled but I find it disgusting, it looks like and has (what I imagine) the texture of predigested baby food.

      • Paulustrious Nov 5, 2021

        I suspect Yummy’s parade is turning into a bit of a washout.

      • Miss Needle Nov 4, 2021

        I think it’s supposed to be eaten warm. I’ve eaten it hot, cold and at room temperature and thought it wasn’t very good as it was too gloppy during all three stages. Heating it made it less gloppy though.

        • ipsedixit Nov 5, 2021


          • HChen Aug 10, 2021


            I come from Taiwan and….at this moment, I’m eating Taisun Mixed Congee now!!!

            Let me share the common way how we eat this dessert. It’s easy – do whatevery you like! Usually, we put it in the refrig in summer and warm it up in winter. Personally, I’d say that you can see it as Asian style cereal – cold or warm….depends on how you feel.

            Taisun is a good company and their product is really good quality. When you buy any imported products in Asian/oriental market in the United States, pay close attention to the expiration date.


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