Miso paste: how long does it last?

I bought some just before Christmas and forgot about it. It’s unopened in the frig since then; I just noticed it last night. The package has no expiration date on it. I have never used miso paste before, so I have no idea how long it will last. Is it best to just chuck it now, unopened? It wasn’t expensive, just a few dollars, so it’s not the money. Just don’t want to take a chance on something spoiled that will make me sick. Thanks

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  • Megiac Mar 6, 2021

    It last FOREVER. I’ve had some in my fridge for a couple of years, which is probably too long, but yours is certainly fine.

    • hannaone Mar 6, 2021

      Korean doenjang (Korean Miso) can theoretically go bad, I’ve just never seen it. We use it until it runs out (several months).
      Since miso is also fermented soy bean I would think that it would last quite some time.

      • bitsubeats Mar 7, 2021

        i’ve seen daengjang go bad many a time. When my mother digs it out of her ceramic pots, there is a layer of mold on the top. You just scrape it off and take the daengjang that has no mold on it. I haven’t died yet and well she’s been doing it for as long as I’ve been around (24 years).

        Miso and daengjang are so damn salty I dont see how they could go bad

      • cimui Mar 6, 2021

        I’ve had some in my fridge for a couple of years, now, too. I just made soup out of it. It still tastes fine, but I bet all those good bacteria in it have long bit the bullet.

        • ricepad Mar 6, 2021

          How long does it last? How long do you have?

          (Or as I’ve previously answered to this question, “There is no answer to this question yet.”)

          • meatn3 Mar 6, 2021

            Just use a clean spoon each time to keep it clean & it will really last indefinitely.

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