Miele Dishwasher Owners — Are you happy?

I have purchased a Miele dishwasher. Since it needs to be ordered, I still have some room to change my MODEL. I ordered the Diamante, but I am thinking that I need to move up to the next level to get more features??????

  • fauchon Sep 23, 2021

    I bought a Miele Premier Plus about a year ago and am totally thrilled. I almost always use the “short” cycle (about 24 mins) because usually there’s two of us. Dishes & glasses sparkle. The top silverware tray (a Miele invention altho I think others may have knocked it off by now) is nothing short of brilliant…separated silverware cleans & dries perfectly & there’s more room on the two lower racks for everything else. It’s so quiet that I have to look at the display to know whether it’s on or not.

    • liu Sep 23, 2021

      OH — thank you so much, fauchon! I’m pretty sure it was you also who helped me out when I was looking for green tea to order online! Hey, a great cup of green tea and a reliable dishwasher — how much better does it get!!!

      Your information is very helpful. You are correct about getting the silverware up and out-of-the-way so that there is more room for dishes. Is your top silverware tray divided into two pieces? Is this important? I never remove it since I don’t have to go too far, so this might not be a feature I need. The split tray is only on the most high-end models, and I believe the one I am looking at has just the single silverware tray at the very top.

      I love that you chose Miele over Bosch. We, too, were considering the Bosch…and the Asko and the KitchenAid. You have given me confidence in our choice to go with Miele — thanks, again!

      Thanks for your help, fauchon!

      We don’t have soft water and I would have to step up to the next model to get their built in water softener. Is this a worthwhile feature? Perhaps the sales rep. will know more about our area for this question.

      • fauchon Sep 23, 2021

        Hi! My top silverware tray is in one piece & I’ve never once removed it or had any reason to since my storage is near the DW. Unless your storage is in a different room or really far away, I see no reason for this feature.

        Sorry, don’t know about the water softener…this is something your sales rep or Miele can give you authoritative info about..

        Did you find green tea that you like?

        If you have any other Miele questions I might be able to help with, please don’t hesitate to ask…

        • liu Sep 23, 2021

          In response to your top silverware tray — I know that some people carry their silverware container directly to their storage drawer — even if it IS in the same room (I am laughing at your comment!). I don’t like to do this because sometimes it drips (with a KitchenAid, but not with a Miele, of course!).

          It was the drying power of the Miele that actually moved me away from the Bosch. I was told that the condensation drying method of the Bosch would not allow me to put my dishes away dry right after a cycle; it would be better to let the dishes sit overnight. This was not my style, so I know I will be happier with the Miele.

          Green tea — I know you like Ito En, and I do drink the cold Ito En teas that I find in our local Asian markets. Online, I have tried several different sources: Upton, Red Blossom, Rishi, Harney and Sons, and various others. I still have so many to try! Right now I am enjoying the Rishi green teas. Ask, and I will tell you more, if you wish…I fear I will bore you here!

          Thanks again and again. liu

          • grapevine Sep 24, 2021

            I have had my Miele dishwasher for three years and I love it!
            The only time I remove my silverware rack and take it to the drawer is after a big holiday and the rack is totally full. I also love the bottom racks that fold down for large pots or plastic pieces.
            My daughter (age 17) had a party recently and one of the boy’s from the neighborhood was talking with me in the kitchen, I opened the dishwasher, slid out the silverware tray, put some things in it and closed the door. He looked amazed and asked me to open it up again so that he could see that tray again. Pretty funny.
            You will love it.

            • liu Sep 24, 2021

              grapevine — very cute story about the 17’ish-year-old boy in your neighborhood being intrigued by your dishwasher!

              It sounds like your really enjoying the feature that allows you to wash big items in the bottom rack, and that is certainly one of the attractions for me as well. I like getting the silverware out of the way to the top shelf and having more space for the odd stuff in the bottom.

              Thanks for your input!

            • FlyFish Sep 25, 2021

              I’d responded to your original question about Miele DWs, but thought I’d jump in briefly with a bit more info. To reiterate – we absolutely love our 3 year old Miele, and I’ll second what others have said about the silverware rack and the overall flexibility of the way things are organized. Nobody has mentioned yet, so I will, that Miele’s internal design also does a great holding large wine glasses, something of importance around our house. The built-in water softener works perfectly and has been a lifesaver for us in dealing with very hard well water. It also (maybe due to the water softener) does an amazingly good job of cleaning. We had an old but top-of-the-line KA previously, and were amazed to find that various grunge and discoloration on older pots and pans that we had assumed to now be a permanent part of the piece disappeared in a couple of cycles through the Miele. I don’t doubt that there are other fine DW brands out there, but for us it’s going to be Miele from now on.

              • liu Sep 25, 2021

                FlyFish — Your enthusiastic praise of the Miele dishwasher comes at the perfect time. I am caught between two models, and I am about to return to the dealer to make my choice. Your vote for the water softener system helps a great deal, just knowing that it is not just another feature to break down.

                Thanks for taking the time to detail the specifics; it really helps me in my decision-making! liu

              • Grizzly Sep 25, 2021

                We’ve had a model G892SC for about 3 years. Push button controls, 6 cycles. We use the normal or economy cycles (along with rinse and hold) almost exclusively.

                The Miele DW is perhaps the finest major appliance we’ve ever owned. It’s virtually bullet proof and provides consistently excellent performance.

                To echo comments above, if you have soft water or use the dishwasher’s internal softener, use only a tiny amount (1 tbsp.) of detergent and dial the rinse agent dispenser down to the 1 ml per load setting to minimize etching of your dishes and glassware. We never put the crystal in the dishwasher, and only run the china through on the economy cycle.

                Only time we remove the cutlery tray is when we use the good flatware, which is stored in the dining room china cabinet.

                Since there’s little functional difference between Miele models other than control types, appearance options and extra cycles, I suspect you’ll be pleased regardless of your selection.

                • FlyFish Sep 25, 2021

                  Forgot to mention in my comments above – that’s the exact model we have (G892SC). Fantastic.

                  • liu Sep 25, 2021

                    Grizzly and FlyFish — I thank both of you for all your added information. I just ordered the Optima Model of the Miele, which I am told is the current continuation and identification of the 800 series that you both have. It seems to have all the features I can and will use: water softener, delayed turn-on capability, silverware tray at the top, digital read-out for the cycle time.

                    Thanks, again, to everyone who posted and helped me to make a good — and probably great — decision to purchase a Miele dishwasher!

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