Jarred/bottled tzatziki sauce?

Is it possible to buy jarred/bottled tzatziki sauce? I’ve checked my local grocery store and TJ’s and didn’t see anything….but maybe I’m looking in the wrong aisle.

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  • irishnyc Jul 29, 2021

    TJ’s usually has their own with the prepared foods refrigerated stuff like hummus and salsas – in that general area. Sometimes they also have Fage brand there too. I prefer Fage, but TJ’s is ok as well.

    • pikawicca Jul 29, 2021

      Tzatziki is one of those dishes that is all about fresh ingredients, so I can’t imagine a good bottled one. This is so easy to make from scratch that I can’t see the need to have a processed version.

      • Cathy Jul 29, 2021

        Well, I have never seen jarred or canned yogurt or kefir, the main component of tzatziki…so I don’t see how or why it would come that way.

        • carey24 Jul 30, 2021

          If you have a greek grocery store in your area, they should have it. It comes in a tupperware container. My greek grocer only has huge containers, so I split it with my family. BTW, most restaurants in Baltimore use this kind and don’t make their own. I’m greek, making your own is a pain, I buy it.

          • emilief Jul 30, 2021

            Ugh. I have had Fage tsatsiki and it is not good. It takes 10 minutes to make so why not make it?? So easy.

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