How Important is Self Cleaning on Range?

I am getting ready to purchase my first Big Girl Range.

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  • renov8r Apr 22, 2021

    More trouble than it is worth for me and many others — that super high temp stresses the heck out of the whole range, does bad things to all electrical/electronic parts.

    • scubadoo97 Apr 22, 2021

      To me it is very important was at the top of the priority list for me. I may have only cleaned the oven every few months but if I make a mess I want to know that I can clean it with ease. Self cleaning is available with all gas as well as dual fuel. I have electric ovens and even with the biggest mess it cleans to near perfect in 2 hours of self cleaning. No chemicals to deal with or scrubbing. The high heat will discolor the metal racks but as they get dirty with use and after trying to clean them by hand I gave up. They may not be shinny and sliver any more but they are clean.

      • scotlandyard Apr 22, 2021

        okay, so far 1 for, 1 against.

        The only thing is that even after I have cleaned the oven, I sometimes still have a few places that I have to scrub pretty darn hard to get off.
        My mom use to put down a piece of aluminum foil on the rack before baking or lasagne and what not, maybe that is what I should do.

        Also, husband worries when oven is on so hot for 3 + hours. He considers that a real fire hazard. FYI, his dad was fire chief and had many a fires start at the range.

        Any other thoughts would be appreciated as I weigh this out.
        Also, much different price range if regular and not self clean.

        • janniecooks Apr 22, 2021

          Given a choice I would never forgo a self-cleaning oven. You don’t have to use it all that often if you are in the habit of wiping up spills as they occur, but sometimes the spills happen and get seriously baked on the bottom before cooking is done and therefore you don’t have the chance to wipe up the spill. And, any roast meat at high temperatures (even 425 degrees) will generate a lot of spatter over all surfaces of the oven and these are extremely hard to clean with normal cleaning solutions, no matter how fast you get to them once the cooking is done and the oven is cold enough to clean.

          So no matter how tidy I try to be, I need the self-cleaning cycle to really get rid of the baked on grease. I’d sooner give up oven use than give up a self cleaning oven.

        • scotlandyard Apr 22, 2021

          Well said. I was just worried that if I went to All Gas that would be a lot of gas running for 3+ hours and I have a tank (LP gas). Maybe I should go toward Dual Fuel?

          • Docsknotinn Apr 22, 2021

            I would not be with out the self cleaning feature. If you buy a quality product it will be designed to work with the features it comes with. The self cleaning feature does run a while and it does get hot. This is where a quality hood system really shines.
            I think you will find that most range fires occur from user error (deep frying etc) not mechanical failure such as from a self cleaning oven.
            I’ll wager a dozen chocolate chip cookies that you wind up using the self cleaning feature a lot more than you might think.

          • RGC1982 Apr 22, 2021

            While it is very high on my priority list, I understand the concerns about damaging the range. My mother had this problem on her GE range and, over time, it seemed to be associated with burning out a switch or two. We thought the problem might have been related to the fact that she had no ability to set the length of the cleaning cycle — it was always three hours. My wall oven allows me to set the length of the cleaning cycle, as did each of the ranges in my old house. So, I tend to clean more frequently for a two-hour cycle. I have never had a problem with this wall oven, nor with either of my freestanding ranges in my old house (we replaced one with a new one after a number of years). I really think this may help protect your oven, so if you choose self-cleaning, I would look for the ability to set the length of the cleaning cycle. My ovens always come out clean, and for three of them over 25 years, I have never had a problem.

            I don’t think it is a fire hazard unless you have something really wrong with your oven. Also, if you are not trying to incinerate a pile of sugary pie filling that just dripped on the bottom of the oven without wiping it first, you shouldn’t even get too much smoke. From my experience, cleaning more often and for a shorter length of time seems to make sense.

            BTW, my lower wall oven does not have a self-cleaning cycle, and I find that I really hate cleaning it. So, the top oven is my first choice when I only need one.

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