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When I see fresh fennel called for in a recipe, is there a suitable substitute that doesn’t taste like fennel? It’s the flavor that I don’t like, not that I can’t find it

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  • katecm Dec 7, 2021

    If it’s being used raw, I’d use kohlrabi to get that crispness. If it’s being cooked, maybe apple or pear for the sweetness?

    • GretchenS Dec 7, 2021

      If it’s with a bunch of other vegetables, just skip it — that’s what I did in the years when I thought I didn’t like it. Or use nice crisp celery instead.

      • paulj Dec 7, 2021

        How is it being used? Can you imagine what it contributes to the recipe?

        I’ve gotten in the habit of chopping up the tougher parts of a fennel bulb, and using it like diced celery in a ‘mirepoix’. So you might make the reverse substitution. Cooked like this the fennel flavor is not particularly noticeable (as opposed to when fresh). Obviously such a substitution would not work in a roasted fennel gratin.

        • benbenberi Dec 7, 2021

          When I don’t have fennel handy, I usually sub celery/celery root.

          • luciaannek Dec 7, 2021

            You can use celery.

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