Does Alton Brown use/recommend any particular pots and pans?

I know he likes Shun knives, and heavy aluminum rolled-edge non-shiny cake pans. But last night he was using a silver-colored saucier (chocolate truffle show) — is there a way I can determine what brand this was?

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  • PDXpat Dec 15, 2021

    Wouldn’t swear to it, but the cookware I see on his show looks an awful lot like All-Clad.

    • HaagenDazs Dec 15, 2021

      Try watching the credits, they sometimes mention the name of the product. For instance, I know they mention that the cooktop, oven, -whatever- is provided by Viking.

      • BangorDin Dec 15, 2021

        I thank you, never thought of reading the “fine print”!

        • Covert Ops Dec 15, 2021
          • BangorDin Dec 15, 2021

            Thank you for bringing my attention to this list!

            • Covert Ops Dec 15, 2021

              I mean, it may not be “official.” As far as I know, the GEFP people just write down what they can see from the episodes. But it’s a good place to start. And it categorizes his recommendations pretty nicely. 🙂

          • Mattapoisett in LA Dec 15, 2021

            He also has a book called Gear for your Kitchen. though I would not buy it unless you might be equipping a kitchen from scratch or an Alton junkie like I am

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