Do Ice-cream and Wine go together???

I am not sure, if one can have Ice-cream and wine as dessert?

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  • Chicago Mike Nov 5, 2021

    The answer is definitely yes…

    • dinwiddie Nov 5, 2021

      Certainly, try it with a nice vintage Port.

      • estufarian Nov 5, 2021

        Try a sweet madeira (bual or malmsey). These both have a nutty/vanilla/caramel sense to them which matches well with all but the fruit based ice-creams.

        • ttriche Nov 7, 2021

          Also Rivesaltes Ambre. Not as good a pairing as the sweeter Madeira wines, but I ran out of my 15 year old Malmsey and opened a bottle of Ambre for guests tonight. Sort of a junior-varsity Bual in some respects… Grenache Blanc instead of Boal or Malvasia, but otherwise made in a very similar fashion.

          Oloroso sherry can be very tasty with eg. nut-flavored gelato, as well.

          Gingerbread and pumpkin seem to bring out the best in sweet Madeira, by contrast.

          • chestnutnd Nov 22, 2021

            Tim: Do you think that would pair well with an Obie Burger from Ithaca? Phi Alpha

        • washingtonred Nov 5, 2021

          I have never tried this but have been told that warmed Gluwine (sp?) with cinnamon over over vanilla ice cream is a great combo.

          • mac8111 Nov 5, 2021

            I love a zinfandel port and Blue Bell vanilla ice cream.

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