Cream Cheese Frosting: Can I freeze it?


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  • KiltedCook Oct 19, 2021

    Since it has such a high fat content, it should freeze well. As you say, use a slow defrost… Or just eat it like a rich creamsicle <grin>

    • Nyleve Oct 19, 2021

      Freezes perfectly – I’ve done it many times. You may want to re-whip just before using (after defrosting, of course).

      • drewb123 Oct 19, 2021

        How long would it stay in freezer till it goes bad?

        • KiltedCook Oct 20, 2021

          Depends on how airtight you contain it. A month at the very least. More like 2 or 3.

          • Nyleve Oct 20, 2021

            I will not publically admit here how long I have kept things frozen before using. Let’s just say, much longer than you’ll probably need to worry about. Frosting is a stable substance and, if very well wrapped, it won’t go bad for a long long time. In fact, the only thing that could happen is that, over time, the frosting will absorb off-flavours or odours from the freezer. But this would be minimized if kept airtight. I usually use yogurt or sour cream tubs, filled almost to the top. And if I’m feeling especially careful, I’ll even put the tubs into a heavy ziplock bag for extra protection.

            • greygarious Oct 20, 2021

              Amen, Nyleve! Aside from canning jars, not too many foods these days come in large, metal-lid glass jars, but these are the best at keeping out freezer flavors/odors. I keep whole wheat flour in a prized, large jar. Since I put it right back in the freezer as soon as I remove some flour, it stays cold – my hope is that it is less likely to crack that way. I learned the hard way that putting a frozen glass jar containing liquid on the counter to thaw is inviting the bottom to fall off.

              • walker Oct 20, 2021

                I just bought some Ball pint size wide mouth jars that are ok for freezer — says so on the case. #66000. Ace Hardware had the ones I bought, only about $10 for a case of 12.

                • Nyleve Oct 20, 2021

                  Right. Like walker says, the Ball (or whatever brand) mason jars are fine in the freezer. In fact, I make strawberry freezer jam and usually freeze it in small canning jars. Thaw gently in the fridge.

                  • walker Oct 20, 2021

                    Maybe not all are freezer safe; that’s why I put the number: 66000.

                    • greygarious Oct 20, 2021

                      As mentioned in my post, I do know about – and use – canning jars. The flour jar is a half-gallon one with a mouth large enough to put my fist in – twice the size of the largest canning jars. If somebody made big, freezer-hardy metal lidded glass storage containers (better yet, rectangular ones) I’d be first in line to buy some! I think many people are not aware how permeable plastics really are – I once had an unfortunate situation involving ether, which ruined all the refrigerator contents save for that in metal-lid glass jars.

                      • Nyleve Oct 20, 2021

                        I’m not sure I really want to know more details about the ether situation…

                        • alwayschanging Nov 20, 2021

                          HI, new here. I am going to try the Food Saver vacuum bags to freeze my cream cheese frosting. I always bake a full oven. example: 2 9×13 brownies or cakes and at least 2 loaves of some type of bread and maybe 4 loaves of bread. So as you can see, I have a lot to freeze. I do not work but my husband and I are very busy with many activities but we also like our sweets. I cook with whole wheat flour and canola oil (type 1 diabetic) and everything I have substituted with whole wheat flour has come out great. I will let you know how the Food Saver vacuum bags keep the cream cheese frosting.

          • margaretpreston May 6, 2021

            would it be ok to freeze cream cheese in freezer bags

            • hotoynoodle May 6, 2021

              yes. just squeeze out as much air as you possibly can.

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