Converting cumin seeds to ground cumin

A recipe calls for 3/4 teaspoon of cumin seeds. I only have ground cumin. How do I convert?
Is there a general rule I could use to convert seeds to ground spices, and the reverse? Thanks

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  • Candy Apr 29, 2021

    The ground will work measure for measure. I usually buy whole cumin seed and grind it myself. I have found that what ever i measure out whole when ground yields just about the same amount after it is ground.

    • toodie jane Apr 30, 2021

      More important than exact measurements: Are you toasting the cumin before using it? Only toasting developes the true whole cumin flavor.

      Easy to do: in a dry heavy skillet, over medium heat toast the whole seeds till they give off an aroma (stirring or shaking the pan often). Cool and grind in a seed grinder.

      Commercial ground cumin is more likely to be oxidized (stale) but can be toasted for optimum flavor as well. Just watch it so it doesn’t burn.

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