Carne Asada – Meat?

Which cut of beef and method is best? Skirt, Flank, Sirloin, etc. Marinated then grilled or not marinated at all, just S&P then grilled. If marinating, how long?

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  • gordeaux Aug 2, 2021

    I’ll vote for:
    OUTER skirt steak – inner is ok as well, but outer is more tender.
    NO marinating – just an easy rub or easy seasoning.
    Char grilled to rare/med rare.
    There are quite a few recent threads on this, and people’s tastes are all over the map.
    My opinion with steak is that less is more when dealing with tender cuts. I’d rather have the taste of the steak shine through. Tender, juicy, char grilled, rare skirt steak=carne asada for me.

    • chef chicklet Aug 2, 2021

      Skirt steak, marinated and grilled to a rarish med rare… make sense?
      Its the only steak I know. Not tenderized. Probably should tell your butcher what you plan to make if you don’t see it sold in the meat department already prepared.

      Cilantro, white onion, garlic, red wine vinegar, vegetable or olive oil, and salt and cracked pepper.And smidge of Mexian Oregano (1 tsp)rubbed between the palms really well.

      • rumgum Aug 2, 2021

        Never heard of using the red wine vinegar. Always heard using lime or lemon. How long do you marinate for?

        • chef chicklet Aug 3, 2021

          2-4 hours usually, good stuff. I don’t think I’ve got a recipe that uses lime or lemon in the marinade, that usually goes on after its cooked. I’ll bet its good though.

      • rumgum Aug 2, 2021

        Do you serve the skirt steak sliced into strips for tacos? Or chop it up?

        • chef chicklet Aug 3, 2021

          I’ll answer for what I do.. If I’m making tacos I will use marinated flank steak, and that I sometimes chop.

          For carne asada dinner, I’ll cut thin slices or strips of the skirt steak and cook it medium rare serve with a salsa fresca. From what my friends have told me,Carne Asada can mean “roasted or barbecued meat” but some people will call a particular dish that too. I get so confused!

        • ipsedixit Aug 3, 2021

          Flap meat.

          No marinade.

          Grill on high heat, make sure to get a nice char.

          Salt and pepper to taste.

          • jencounter Aug 3, 2021

            Agreed – with a squirt of lemon/lime on it as soon as it comes off the grill.

            Don’t skimp on the salt – preferably a larger grain (kosher, sea) if you have it.

            • Ruth Lafler Aug 3, 2021

              The local Mexican markets in my area seem to use flap meat as well.

              • azhotdish Aug 4, 2021

                aka carne asada ranchera, which is how i’ve seen it sold here in az

            • todao Aug 3, 2021

              Flat iron steak, marinated for about an hour in Cilantro, chopped onion, chopped garlic, lemon juice or red wine (not vinegar) salt, pepper, a splash of soy sauce. Mix enough marinade to cover the steak. Marinate in frig. one hour, flip it over after first half hour.
              Grill, medium/medium rare, slice into strips (cross grain)

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