Best way to clean cast iron cooktop grates?

Soap & hot water (recced by the mfgr) doesn’t remove all the grease splotches. Neither does using a stiff brush. Does anyone know a better way? Is there some product that will solve the splotch problem?

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  • weezycom Feb 22, 2021

    Try soaking in hot soapy water that you’ve dropped several denture cleaning tablets in. That’s helped me get some tough stuff off, or at least loosened up enough that some elbow grease and a scrubbie can finish off the job.

    • GeezerGourmet Feb 22, 2021

      For everday quick cleaning I use a tooth-brush sized steel wire brush. When they get too greasy and The Little Woman gets after me, I put the iron grates and iron bowls in the dish washer –works great. Don’t drop them….

      • sarge Feb 22, 2021

        Put them in the oven and run the self clean cycle

        • dmd_kc Feb 22, 2021

          Check your manual, but I’d put them in a plastic bag or big tub with a tight-fitting lid, then dump in a quarter-cup of ammonia and leave them for a few hours. Dump the ammonia, rinse, and they’re clean as the day they came off the assembly line.

          I leave them outside while the ammonia works. I’ve always diluted the leftover ammonia and flung it out over the grass, and I’ve never seen ill effects from that.

          • lcool Feb 23, 2021

            regular visits to the dish washer,a small BRASS brush(not super stiff) ,or if the oven has space when already on at 400*f or more in they go

            • Soop Feb 23, 2021

              Oven cleaner. That stuff is second only to industrial grade hydrogen peroxide.

              • lcool Feb 23, 2021

                Smells bad,toxic,need to port the stuff outside (many kilos) 6 burner plus grill,too damn much like work.Dish washer and oven already paid for can do the work.I firmly believe in working smart not hard.

                • Soop Feb 23, 2021

                  you sure? The stuff I used is non-toxic if it burns, and I cleaned my oven just fine. I was using another strong kitchen cleaner before I realised we had oven cleaner, and the oven stuff just blitzed it; baked on crap just melted.

                  I was picturing a wipe-down with a sponge, then dip the removeable things in some water.

                  Of course if you have a dishwasher,Iguess it is smart just to bung them in every now and again.

                  BTW, I wasn’t implicitly replying to you, I just clicked the wrong bit! Sorry Icool T__T

                  • lcool Feb 23, 2021

                    many of them can go into the “self,auto clean” cycle of the oven,as with my

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