Anyone know where I can find live crawfish?

Going to do a crawfish boil for some friends in a few weeks, and hoping to find a place locally that sells the little mudbugs alive – otherwise I’ll have to go the fedex route through an online company.

There was an older thread on this that recommended New Orleans Fish Market, but I’ve called them, and they don’t have them.

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  • DanaB Feb 10, 2004

    You might try Fish King, in Glendale. I was in there over the weekend and they had a sign advertising crawfish on the front door. Since I wasn’t shopping for them, I didn’t note whether they were live or frozen, but they do have tanks etc. for other shellfish sold live so they might have what you are looking for.

    Fish King
    (818) 244-2161
    722 N Glendale Ave Glendale CA 91206

    • Burger Boy Feb 10, 2004

      Was it New Orleans Fish Market on Vernon & Arlington?
      this the only place I have first hand experience with.

      Try LA Fish 4th and Stanford Downtown, but call first.

      Maybe International Marine 7th & San Pedro

      Louisiana Fish Co 915 Stanford
      213-689-3123 might be (323) now

      • PeteEats Feb 10, 2004

        When they’re in season, Santa Monica Seafood has them.

        • Eric Archer Feb 10, 2004

          I do this annually and, utilizing an online source (which is both reliable and reasonable), have them flown into LAX. (Don’t have the source with me, but can e-mail to you if interested). A little extra hassle, but worth it.

          Since crawdaddies are not local, you are bound to be paying a significant mark-up. Why not cut out the middle man and go straight to the source?

          • Burger Boy Feb 10, 2004

            Please post the source, I am 15 minutes from LAX.

            • Eric Archer Feb 11, 2004

              Sorry for the delay.

              Here is the link for the live crawfish shipping. Got a great batch from them the last two years (80 pounds last year!). I believe it is cheaper to have it flown into LAX than home delivered (will be fresher too). Included are seasoning packets, which are good, but it helps to have some extra cayenne on hand.

              Laissez les bon temps rouler!

              Link: http://www.crawfishcoofcentralflainc….

            • Jerome Feb 10, 2004

              not local? Well, I’ve heard that people catch them up by the kern river near lake isabella.

              • Eric Archer Feb 10, 2004

                I stand corrected.

                I, too, have gone crawfish hunting (in Oregon—not exactly local, but West Coast).

                However, for a crawfish boil, where you are going to want anywhere from 20 to 80 pounds of these suckers, that would seem to be a somewhat labor intensive suggestion.

                Burger Boy—I’ll post the link to that online source tomorrow. Keep your eye out.

                • Robb Feb 11, 2004

                  I’ve seen them in the LA River in Atwater Village. Actually, I see pieces of them occasionally on the sidewalk near my house (near the LA River), right below a heron’s nest.

                • More of Everything Feb 11, 2004

                  Thanks for all the posts, I am going to give these places a call, and compare against an online source that I found –

                  My thinking was that it might be cheaper to get it from a local vendor rather than pay for the fedex costs. I’ll compare and let you all know.

                • TomSwift Feb 12, 2004

                  Try Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier. They often have have live bugs, though I don’t know if they’re local, could be from the south. I’ve had them there steamed and they are are flavorful, and when brought home and steamed with old bay etc., they are a joy to behold . Big and lively.

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