Anybody own or know about ceramic cookware by TVS Made in Italy?

I recently went to Marshalls and was trying to find a good deals on either Staub/Le Creuset. Then I found this ceramic square grill pan. It is made by this company TVS. It said Made in Italy and it has some kind of address in Italy. So I went online and found this website.

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  • celesul Nov 22, 2021

    I haven’t seen much information on it, but I’ve been using a nonstick pan from them, and it’s held up very well. I actually bought it because I found a TVS nonstick pan in my dorm that had been horribly abused (high heat, metal utensils…) for over a year, and was still in very good shape. So when I spotted one at TJ Maxx, for a nice low price, I grabbed it, and it’s served me well. I more recently acquired a ceramic coated pan, but haven’t really played with it yet. Unfortunately, they are very hard to obtain outside of the discount stores.

    • dutseal Nov 22, 2021

      Wow…you are one of the few (except me) that has it 🙂
      Surprisingly they seem pretty more known in Europe. I have been using the square ceramic grill to cook scrambled eggs, grill up sausages and I’m happy to say nothing ever got stuck.
      Easy to wash and it’s very lightweight. I just hope that the European ceramic does not contain lead.
      I always wonder how does these discount stores (Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods) always got a hold of European goods. I saw a brand in Marshalls that is supposed to be Swiss made (Kuhn Rikon), and when I went to Switzerland, I saw the same brand everywhere and like triple the price.

      Anyhow…..thanks for sharing with me 🙂

      I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving..

    • GothicaVamp Jan 1, 2021

      I found some at Ross and love them! I have been using one nonstick for over a year and it’s the best nonstick I have ever had. I recently found a ceramic one and it is amazing. I use square pans most often but I have not been lucky enough to run accross a TVS square one. I’m also not having much luck buying them online. I also found their website, says they have been in business since 1968. I will have to check Marshalls too I guess. Also try TJMaxx and Home Goods, they all often get the same inventory. My ceramic is the eco-ok ecologica line and is great. The nonstick card board is long gone but having 3 of thoses with no scratchs yet, I think I would trust buying anything with the TVS name on it. Such a good price too. Update us if you run accorss anything more. Thanks…

      • dutseal Jan 6, 2021

        Hi….thanks for your feedback. I’m also loving my ceramic from TVS. I am starting to move away from all non stick pans that I have. Actually the non stick that I have are actually anodized aluminum lines from Calphalon. If I ever see more TVS in Marshalls, I will snap some pics for you..:)

        Happy New Year.

      • CapeCodLorrie Nov 11, 2021

        I bought an 11″ TVS fry pan at HomeGoods. It is heavy and has a speckled lining and is the BEST pan I have ever owned (and I’m old). It takes non-stick to the next level. I can’t believe how fabulous it is to cook with and how easy it cleans up. My husband found a two pan set on Amazon today – an 8″ and the 11″ pan I have, and we bought it. He also found them on eBay. I’ll buy every pan like this I can find.

        • dutseal Nov 11, 2021

          Hi Lorrie:

          Thanks for sharing 🙂
          I am still loving my square TVS Grill, but lately I have not seen any more TVS at my local Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I will look on Ebay. I love this pan.

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